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Our Mission

Empowering people with varying abilities to discover and develop their unique God-given potential and purpose.

Our Vision

All people are seen, known, and celebrated as part of God’s intentional design for humanity. 

Our Core Values

Faith - Responsiveness - Empathy - Innovation - Acceptance 

Our Program

Kairos Adventures offers classes in the arts, community outings, and Joy Street (our service initiative), specifically designed for adults living with disabilities. Classes and outings will be offered from 9 am – 3 pm, Monday through Thursday during most weeks of the year. 

Why Kairos Adventures?
An ancient Greek word, “kairos” refers to the right time for crucial action. Biblically, the meaning is a bit deeper, referring to God’s perfect timing for His specific purpose. We believe that by being present and engaged in a community that empowers and elevates our artists, we experience these moments of kairos every single day. More than that, we believe that our artists ARE “kairos”… beautifully created at the exact point in history for God’s perfect purpose. 
All of life is a journey, marked by experiences and relationships that define who we are and what we value.
Won’t you join us on this beautiful and holy Kairos Adventure?
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